Custom Fused Glass & Metal Wall Art Panels • Residential Installations

"This has really been a great experience working with you. I've enjoyed it.
They look just beautiful!!!! The colors are gorgeous. You can tell that the background shows thru the glass in places."

Another Sky • Residential Glass Wall Art Panels

I know you are probably sick of me bugging you, but I have to tell you about the last couple of hours. I have been sitting here working in my office all day and the sun starting setting about 2:30pm. All the glass and metal work you did for me appeared in the sky right before my eyes! It was truly spectacular, energizing and heart lifting. I will forever be appreciative, grateful, and in love with you and your talent. Thank you so much, in so many small and huge happy ways!!

Reflection of Mission • Fused Glass and Brushed Copper Wall Art Panels

The pieces have all arrived safely. They are laying on our pool table awaiting installation tomorrow. They are so pretty. Thank you for capturing our theme. They truly are amazing pieces of art.

N Collins - Little Rock, AR

Summers Eve • Fused Glass and Brushed Aluminum Wall Art Panels

Well, as you can see the pieces are now hanging up. As I thought, they look absolutely stunning. We both love them and they are a beautiful addition to our home that we will treasure. I'm thinking of getting an extra light to hang on my track so I can have one specifically focused on the pieces.

Thank you so much, especially for dealing with all of the shipping. I really appreciate all the trouble you went through.

If ever I have a client in my interior design work that is in need of some special art piece, I will be sure to tell them about you. It doesn't come up often, but you never know, it might and I would love to share the discovery of your special art work!

Helen & Tracy P. - N.H.

Residential • Fused Glass and Mixed Metal Wall Art Panels